About Our Savior

Greetings in name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ,


During a time of civil unrest, wartime, racial despair, and segregation, Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church (OSELC) defied all odds and became one the first multi-cultural churches in the state of Indiana. This church was methodically founded and built on the corner of 261 West 25th Street and Fall Creek Parkway in Indianapolis Indiana. In the year 1939, the church was primarily formed by a European man named, Pastor Henry Scheperle, and an African American woman named Jeanette Sims, who took on the role of a parishioner. After the congregation grew to enough members to justify and empower the church to build a house to worship in, the groundbreaking ceremony took place, and Our Savior Evangelical Church was founded in 1941.


This church was built with a view that is seemingly timeless. The limestone structure, large wooden trusses, and beautiful stained-glass windows adorn the church from near and afar. In the year 2000, a large annex structure was built to complement the primary building of the church and our further support our church ministry. This structure consists of a business office, two classrooms, an elevator, an exterior handicap ramp and a basement dining hall, we named Kenny Hall. Our church caught fire on August 7, 2018.  After careful restoration, repairs, and reorganization, our church is now in near pristine condition both inside and outside. We as a congregation successfully returned to serving the community and the Kingdom, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church in Indianapolis holds a unique place in Indianapolis’ social and religious history, a symbol of racial unity during a period of widespread segregation in Indianapolis, the state, and the nation (Indiana Landmarks, 2018).


Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church (OSELC) demonstrates love, peace, truth, and solidarity among all nationalities, races, and cultures. The history of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, here on the near westside of Indianapolis, Indiana is one that expresses the power of unity and ministry among all races of people, stemming from God’s Word, Love, and Grace.


Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church is supported by, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, located in St. Louis, Missouri. This church has become an official landmark of historical places by Indiana Landmarks Center of Indianapolis, Indiana.


Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church has ushered many people of all races and cultures into the word of God through ministries, sacraments, baptisms, weddings, and attending various Lutheran conventions. God willing, we will continue to do so, in Jesus’ name.